Wedding Photography – Where do we stand?

As a photography partner, wedding is one event where we can’t take any chances. It’s all about capturing the right moment at the right time in a right way. Slipping even a bit is going to show up explicitly in the end. In the best interest of achieving that magic that every couple is looking for, we believe sharing a common understanding is key. For a photographer, understanding what the couple is looking for is crucial. And for a couple, what to expect and what not to expect from a photographer is equally important. Please go through the below Q&A and make your choice wisely.

What kind of photography we undertake?
It’s 90% candid and 10% conscious. The 10% is only to make sure the important members are not left out in the photobook just because candid moments for some of them are not available.

When should you hire us?
Assume someone enters the wedding spot with a camera. Starts capturing all the interesting moments that unveils around him. It goes on and on for hours. Events and ceremonies continue and the couple takes the centre stage. They smile, laugh, feel shy and it all happens again and again. Lot of people come in, have food, wish the couple, chat with each other and finally leave. Friends form groups and chat for hours. Parents of the couple are everywhere to make things fall in place. Finally the big event comes to an end. Later you get a photobook that takes you through your wedding and unveils it to yourself like a story. You go through the photobook from start to end and when you are about to close it, you feel like seeing it again! That’s all about it. If you find yourself in that couple’s place, then probably you should hire us.

When you shouldn’t hire us?
If you are looking for an outright coverage of all the guests attending the wedding through photos and videos, then we don’t fit there.

What to expect from us?
A photo book that tells the story of your wedding through photos, write-ups and themes. And a bunch of DVDs having all your photos.

What not to expect from us?
Anything that is not close to reality. We strongly believe each one of us has an inner beauty and it need not be artificially created. We give our best to capture the best of you and we don’t go beyond it.

What events will be covered?
As we prefer to deliver a photo book that has the complete context of a wedding from start to end, we always have the below things covered as applicable.
Pre-Wedding(o), Engagement, Reception, Post-Wedding. All these events combine together to form the photo book we look for.

What is our recommendation if you decide to engage with TrueShadows?
We suggest to hire someone who can fill-in for video and conventional photo coverage of the event as we don’t enter into that space.

Finally, if it all sounds good for you and should you engage with us, we are excited. From photobook to pricing, we have more to discuss. Lets have a chat and take it further. 

Also, we understand that personal preferences can be different for everyone. For some reason, if you think we don’t suite your requirements, then we feel sorry for not being able to match all that. Good luck for finding someone who can suite it all. 

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