Culture and People Photography

We document anything that tells a story. We live in a land full of people, culture and colours. It gives us enormous opportunity to document them for all good reasons. It could be a cultural event or a celebration or a people gathering that is momentous. It really excites us being part of recreating such special occasions in a visual medium. We do engage with organisations or individuals looking for digital materials in this space. Be it publishers or media from any part of the world.

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Wedding Photography

TrueShadows photography style is all about freezing the most important, poetic and emotional moments of a wedding in a most subtle way possible. We practice a non-intrusive photography style as we strongly believe photography is just part of a wedding and its not all. All we care and pay attention is how can we create that magic which can tell your wedding story through a photo book. Its all about enabling you to recreate your wedding moments all through your life through a visual medium.

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When i completed my engineering graduation in early 2000, I believed finding a job in software industry is the next important thing. I did so soon after my education. Within few years I realised i’m interested in photography. I ventured into photography as an amateur mostly involving in documenting people and culture. After few more years, i then realised i’m also interested in film making. At least short films to start with. I tried my hands on it for a couple of times. When i am doing all these, i sometimes feel i should have gone little bit into writing, as i was actually interested in writing as well. In short, i’m a person with a lot of creative desire wanting to try out sensible things in the field of art apart from being a software engineer :-)

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